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Bali’s beautiful tropical scenery provides a picturesque backdrop for a stunning wedding ceremony.

The Peninsula Beach and Bay Wedding Service has more than six years’ experience planning bespoke weddings for happy couples – if you would like to read more about our successful track-record, please click on the ‘testimonials’ link.

Our experienced team will be able to guide you through the entire process step-by-step, from arranging the legalities, to ensuring that the ‘big day’ itself runs smoothly.

We have a range of competitively priced wedding options on offer and two beautiful resort venues for you to choose from. Weddings at either of these can be held on the beach, by the poolside or in the gardens. If you are already in Bali, then please feel free to visit the resorts and have a look around, if not, then, you will find more information at the links below:

Once you have chosen your location, we will be able to provide you with several wedding packages to consider and an estimated cost. The details of these packages can be further personalized during your final negotiation with our Events Manager.

If are interested in finding out more about our wedding service, please contact our General Manager, Whindie Anto – he’s very approachable and will be happy to help with your enquiries! It’s best to contact him as early in the process as possible. You will find his details below.

We hope you are happy with what you have seen so far and look forward to planning a unique, memorable and spectacular day for you. To help you get started, we have provided the following information regarding the types of ceremony we have on offer (including a ‘Renewal of Vows’, ‘Commitment Ceremony’ and ‘Balinese Style Honeymoon Celebration’) as well as more general information on how to get married in Bali.


Several wedding formats are possible; a legal wedding, a legal religious wedding or a civil wedding.

    Both the Civil Wedding and the Religious Wedding are conducted at the same time in Bali.
    The couple marries at home in a civil wedding and then provides the civil wedding certificate so that a religious wedding can take place in Bali.
    The couple marries at home with a religious wedding and then provides the religious wedding certificate so that a civil wedding can take place in Bali.

Requirements for a FULL LEGAL WEDDING (Christian)

For overseas citizens:

  • Copy / Scanned Passport of the couple (could be sent by email). (All passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Bali.)
  • Copy / Scanned birth certificates of both engaged parties (could be sent by email).
  • Full name, religion, occupation and domicile of both parties. Also names and full addresses of the parents of both parties should be provided.
  • Copy / Scanned Passport of 2 people who will act as witnesses (could be sent by email). If there are any problems witnesses can be provided by us.
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marry (CNI) from Consulate / Embassy in Indonesia (original required) (this costs approximately AUD$ 120 is not included in our package). We can escort you to obtain this.
  • Eight (8) photographs (6 x 4 cm) of the couple in the same photograph. The photograph must be of the head and shoulders only, side by side with the bridegroom on the right/the bride on the left and both looking straight ahead. (4 must be black and white but 4 can be colour photographs.) These photographs will be used for the CNI and also attached to your wedding certificate.
  • If relevant where there has been a previous marriage then a Divorce (Decree Absolute) or Death Certificate must be provided.
  • A sworn affidavit stamped by a notary/solicitor of parental consent is required for any person who is aged under 21years old.


  • We must receive all documents at least 4 weeks before the wedding.
  • Please contact us for further details.


The originals of all the above-mentioned documents must be brought to Bali. The couple will be required to make a sworn statement of their intention to marry in Bali at the Embassy or General Consulate of their country of origin. Please contact your Embassy or Consulate in Bali or Jakarta for further information; additional legal documents from your government may be required. British citizens or other nationalities with no consulate in Bali should stay at least one night in Jakarta in order to obtain their sworn statement.

Specific requirements :

Catholic Religious- Wedding- Ceremony

  • A statement from the local Catholic church in the home country stating that both parties have not been previously married; or detailing status e.g. widowed.
  • A letter of recommendation from their church to request that the church in Bali should officiate and conduct the blessing at the wedding ceremony.
  • Proof of Baptism.
  • Both parties should be of the same religion.

Protestant Religious-Wedding- Ceremony

  • A letter of recommendation from the local Protestant church in the home country to be addressed to the Synod Council of Protestant Churches in Denpasar (Bali), requesting that the church in Bali should officiate and conduct the blessing at the wedding ceremony.
  • If one party is not Protestant, he/she needs to write a statement declaring his/her agreement to be blessed in a Protestant ceremony.
  • Proof of Baptism
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